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I am a global product marketing, sales, partnerships professional (VP, CMO, Director positions at SAGE, MICROSOFT, DELL, LEGO, SIEMENS, NOKIA, NCR, BT) and consultant/coach (THEVALUESPACE, TECHSENSE CITY). Additionally, I provide expert advisory and due diligence services through INTELLSOFT in the B2B SaaS/Cloud AI, ERP and e-commerce software market to private equity firms, venture capital entities, investment banks, and management consultancies.

Grounded on customer needs, propelled by collaborative teamwork, and driven by AI, data and analytics, my approach is firmly growth and results-oriented, underscored by comprehensive P&L accountability. My track record demonstrates successful delivery of agile, global marketing, sales, partnerships, and product management teams ranging from 5 to 100 members. This has culminated in the creation and delivery of compelling customer value propositions, leading to enhanced funnel performance and increased sales conversion rates.

With significant experience as an account-based marketing (ABM) specialist, value propositions lead, and product management practitioner/coach, I have consistently devised and executed effective demand/lead generation strategies and programmes. These experiences have consistently resulted in heightened brand preference, increased customer demand, and substantial revenue growth for the companies I work with.


During my career, I have grown funnel pipelines from 2x to 50x, achieved revenue targets from £10m-£1.5bn, slashed 20-40% marketing costs whilst growing business, accelerated availability of new products/services in market by 3-6 months and introduced new revenue-generating partnerships in short timescales (4-6 months).

Launched over 1,500 successful ABM and lead generation marketing campaigns (direct and with channel partners) across EMEA, US and APAC, created and delivered 40 channel sales and marketing programmes for over 3,500 global partners and recruited 200+ new partnerships with e-commerce platforms, value added resellers, resellers, distributors, global system integrators and management consultants. 

Passionate about developing people and teams to realise potential and doing everything possible to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.


AI I Global Leadership | Sales Management | Transformation and Change I Digital Marketing | Partnership and Alliance Management | Business Strategy | Coaching and Mentoring | Partner Investment Funding | P & L | Public Speaking and Presenting | Board level Facilitation

Career Experience

April 2016 - 

November 2014 - April 2016

General Manager: thevaluespace + TechSense City

Global Vice President, LEGO Education: LEGO Group

Global Vice President, Cloud/SaaS: SAGE

Global Marketing + Partnerships Director: TRAVELPORT

Managing Director, INTELLSOFT

November 1995 - November 2014

Marketing, Sales, Partnerships Director Positions:


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