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I offer a wide range of consulting solutions tailored to the specific needs of my clients. I understand that businesses are not one size fits all, and so I take the time to get a deep understanding of my clients’ objectives and then develop a tailored plan to help them achieve their goals.

I have a deep knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing and partnership functions, and can provide advice and guidance to ensure successful outcomes.

I can also engage on a fixed or ad-hoc consultancy basis where we can go deep into these functions and conduct a thorough rigorous diagnosis and implement recommendations.

/ Fractional / Interim CEO / CMO / CRO Support

Give your team the expert guidance, hands-on assistance, and leadership they need – when they need it – in a more cost-effective model than hiring.  As a part-time member of your executive team, I ensure the business is focused on the right priorities, executing masterfully, resourced efficiently, and continuously stretching and improving to achieve your short- and long-term goals. 

/Strategy & Marketing Programme Audit 

Uncover gaps and opportunities in your go-to-market strategy, planning process, campaign approach, program management, performance metrics, and budget allocation to maximize marketing ROI. 

Strategic Planning

Apply detailed analysis, best practices, and creative approaches to build a marketing strategy and plan that supports and drives to your business goals. Includes market assessment, competitive positioning, core messaging, key objectives, prioritised initiatives, schedules, resources, budget, and success measures.

Team Recalibration & Coaching

Assess individual skills, clarify roles, set performance goals, and define growth plans to improve productivity and create a culture of excellence.  Guide mid-level managers and directors to develop the strategic thinking, planning, budgeting, performance evaluation, and leadership skills to improve team effectiveness while preparing to scale for the future.

/ Strategic Projects

Guide, offload, or accelerate strategic initiatives that require executive-level insights and experience to ensure success. Examples include:


  • New Product. Proposition or Market Launch

  • Company or Portfolio Rebrand

  • New Website Launch

  • Thought Leadership Strategy

  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing

  • Customer Advisory Board

  • User or Partner Conference

  • Sales or Company Kickoff Event

  • Executive Presentations and Speaker Training

  • Marketing Performance and Funnel Reporting

Contact me to discuss these or another customized engagement.

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