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Gopal brings great energy to anything that he does. I had the opportunity to work with Gopal at NCR while he was leading European Corporate marketing. His enthusiasm, creativity and command of marketing methods were highly apparent in all of our go-to-market initiatives. Gopal’s commitment to strong communications, customer connection, partnerships and excellence made the marketing and sales initiatives resoundingly successful. It was a pleasure working in his team at NCR; as a leader he is truly first-class and any organisation would be fortunate to have him!


NCR Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with Gopal for a number of years whilst contracting his coach, consultant and trainer services. Gopal is a consummate professional who always goes the extra mile, he has a positive and happy demeanour with a broad expertise in business strategy, marketing and business transformation.

Gopal has fantastic communication skills and is always prepared to listen, he instictively knows the required solutions whatever the need may be. Every business needs, and can benefit from strategic direction and I can think of no better advisor than Dr Gopal Kutwaroo, his expertise and experience is evident and invaluable, I have no hesitation in recommending his services.



I have had the opportunity to attend several workshops run by Gopal on critical topics such as innovative approaches to pricing and digital strategy (disruption, consumer journey, building compelling content mapped to persona, higher conversion rates and ROI).
I came away not only educated but also fully energized and feeling up to the challenge. He has an uncanny ability to know what’s new and relevant before it becomes main stream.
Gopal, as a long time advocate of recognising the importance of reinventing yourself, your business, your value, is a man worth listening to.


NESTLE Corporation

The commercial leadership programme went down really well with the senior sales, marketing and product leaders of the FDB Healthcare business and now influences how we operate today and plan for tomorrow. Dr Gopal was the right person for us, knowledgeable and experienced in real world applications. His approach was informal and relaxed and he held the attention of a mixed audience superbly. The workshop exercises were appropriate and easily flexed to make them directly relevant to us. In fact we went further by using the teachings as a lead-in for our annual budget cycle. I am very pleased with the project that Dr Gopal led for us and feedback by all has been tremendous. It completely changed our outlook and behaviours of the senior leadership team.  

FDB Healthcare

I met Gopal at NCR and worked together on several programs (one aligned the Portas High Street review, another building alliances with adjacent tech giants.). He embodies so much that I value: integrity, commitment, energy, can-do, creativity. A big strategic thinker in his own right, Gopal impressed me with how he created the necessary head room for others to channel their own input, guiding teams and leaders to think above, below, or through the line. He is just a great guy to be around.

NCR Corporation

Gopal is one of the most talented, SaaS marketing professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. A consummate marketer, Gopal's drive, tenacity and creativity were a transforming force for both the product management and product marketing teams. An inherently gifted strategic thinker, Gopal consistently impressed with his talent to not only craft bold, innovative marketing campaigns, but also his ability to lay out the road map to successful execution. And on a personal level, Gopal was fabulous teammate to work with.



Professional and Personable, Creative and Cultured, Inspirational and Ingenuous. All words that happily come to mind when I think about Gopal. I can highly commend him as an inspirational team player that delivers exceptional results.

MICROSOFT Corporation

 I am so glad to have an opportunity to write an endorsement to my ex-colleague, Dr. Gopal Kutwaroo. Gopal and I worked together for almost two years in LEGO Education, one of the leading Edtech companies, starting from Autumn 2020 when Gopal has become my manager in LEGO Education International Marketing department.
When we had just met, I immediately got a feeling that he would bring a new era to LEGO Education marketing with all great experience he had earned on his previous roles. And as we continued working together, I never had a single thought that I was wrong about this. While leading our team though multiple projects, Gopal showed outstanding experience both in marketing & sales fields. But besides of this he has so great interpersonal skills that I can say without any hesitation that he was my best manager I ever had, at least in The LEGO Group. He always showed great attention to the teams’ needs, always provided correct feedback, and tried to share his vast experience with us.


LEGO Education

I first met Gopal when I took part in his course on partnerships and alliances at the CIM. After which we decided to engage him in my company as an advisor as I built up our partnership program. Gopal was very quick to absorb the know-hows of xChange and got his hands dirty right away as we built out the value proposition together.

Gopal is deeply intuitive and strategic in his method. He anticipated the framework that needed to be put in place and questions that needed to be answered before we started seeing revenue trickle in through partners and was integral to seeing our first successes with them.

Gopal was also a mentor to me. As a first-time leader and being relatively new to the marketing saas sphere, Gopal guided me both on the day-to-day operations and larger challenges that I was dealing with, which has had a significant impact on making me a more capable and confident marketer myself.

On a more personal note, Gopal came into every meeting with high spirits and was always a genuine pleasure to work with. I'm already looking forward to the next project that would bring our paths together!

xChange Containers

Gopal is a strategic thinker with a sharp commercial sense and, an inspiring leader who can move things forward with management, peers, and customers alike. Gopal was an integral part of the matrixed go-to-market strategy core team, building the process to prepare the whole organization and the ecosystem with the tools and training needed to meet set business goals. One of the significant achievements of the team was a flawless launch orchestration which achieved a sold-out product during the pre-order period.
During that time, Gopal also built and executed the channel partner marketing strategy, including developing toolkits to enable the worldwide partners to extend their reach and drive successful customer conversations to contribute positively to the pipeline.
Gopal is an enthusiastic sparring partner, generous with his time, and always willing to share thoughtful insights, challenge assumptions and tease out new ideas. I have enjoyed working with Gopal at LEGO Education.


LEGO Education

I’ve known Gopal for nearly 20yrs. Gopal has mentored me at various stages my career, imparting some of the lessons he’s learnt along the way and always open and willing to give sage advice based on his experience which has been invaluable. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend several courses run by him on business critical topics such as building compelling value propositions and innovative approaches to pricing and digital strategy. Gopal has a natural ability to educate, inspire and energize you, bringing together his strategic and operational experience from working in leadership positions across a wealth of global companies as well as from running his own businesses. A true pleasure to learn from, and to count as a friend.


BT Group

I thought the commercial product management programme hosted by Dr Gopal Kutwaroo was really good, well presented and informative with real life examples used throughout. It was great to learn about models of product management, profitable segmentation, digital marketing. storytelling and the further perspectives of how to drive value with our customers.


CANADA LIFE Corporation

I had the pleasure of working with Gopal at Siemens Communications. During our time together he had a focus on commercial, sales and marketing, leading vertical business marketing units. He played a key role in helping Siemens move into new markets around Unified and Data Software Telecoms Communication products and services. Gopal is the ultimate professional and very strategic in his approach as well as a genuine pleasure to work with.

Siemens GMBH

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