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I help businesses reach their full potential. With over 28 years of business product marketing, sales, and partnership success and C-Suite experience, I provide strategic and tactical advice to enterprise, SME, start-up, emerging, scaling, and struggling companies.

My goal is to help my clients create or elevate their business by improving their products/services, sales, marketing and partnerships. I believe in creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with my clients, allowing me to better understand their needs and help them succeed.

Game Strategy Plan


Create a marketing, sales, partnerships

strategy and plan aligned

to business objectives

Game Strategy Plan


Communicate your vision and

value proposition clearly

and effectively

Game Strategy Plan


Design efficient campaigns

that drive awareness

and qualified leads

Game Strategy Plan


Identify and target the right audiences with the right

content & offers

Game Strategy Plan


Implement tools, training & processes to enable sales

and maximize conversion

Game Strategy Plan


Bring new products, propositions, brands

or websites to market with

speed and impact

Game Strategy Plan


Turn customers, partners, investors, media & influencers into fans

Game Strategy Plan


Engage and nurture customers

to increase loyalty

& lifetime value

Game Strategy Plan


Build a results-driven team

guided by goals, full funnel

metrics, OKRs, KPIs

Game Strategy Plan


Build powerful omni-channel engagement campaigns

with your target markets

Game Strategy Plan


Develop high conversion enablement materials and toolkits that sales will use every time

Game Strategy Plan


Accelerate your channel and alliance partnership performance

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